Christmas Presents For A CNC User

Janice SherriffsUpdated: Apr 29, 2023

There are two types of people that will read this article:

  1. The people who own a CNC machine that will leave the list lying around for friends and relatives to find, and
  2. The friends and relatives that are looking for what they could buy for the CNC user in their life for a Christmas present that they will actually appreciate.

This year, it could be time to avoid the usual Christmas jumpers and boxes of chocolates and pick something that will put a real smile on those faces on Christmas Day.

And despite what you might think, not everything CNC related is expensive. There are presents available to suit all budgets. With the YoraHome Early Black Friday Sale going on as well, it’s the perfect time to start the Christmas shopping or to be dropping the hints.

So, let’s start with the YoraHome CNC Carving Machine 3018-Pro and look at some accessories.

To keep the Yora 3018 in tip top condition, the YoraHome 3018 Maintenance Kit comes with all the little bits and pieces that you might need to get up and running again.

With perfectly running machines, some new extras will never go amiss – starting with the 3018-Pro.

To keep the work area and the air clean, the YoraHome 3018 Dust Shoe is the perfect addition to this set up, as a great way to suck dust up as milling goes on and making final cleanup easy.

CNC Dust Shoe

Since we’re talking about keeping things tidy, to keep all the wiring nice and neat, the YoraHome 3018 Drag Chain Kit  is designed and built for the Yora 3018-Pro and it also works for 3018-Pro owners who converted their machine to a 3036-Pro using the expansion kit.

This kit provides an elegant solution to secure the cables and allow the spindle or laser head to move freely during the entire carving process.

The YoraHome 3018 Expansion Kit just mentioned includes an additional bedplate to increase the engraving area to 30 x 36 cm, which makes bigger projects possible.

With bigger projects, different bits might be required that could need a variety of collets, introducing the YoraHome CNC High Carbon Steel Extension Rod Collets (7 Pcs). These have a grip range of 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm. Each collet is well packed in a nice yellow protective container with label for safe transportation and storage.

When it comes to router bits, there is a massive choice available. In fact, the YoraHome CNC V-Groove Bits (With ER11 Spring Collets) even comes with the set of collets on top of suitable for engraving very intricate, detailed designs on plastic, wood, plywood and MDF. When used in conjunction with a V-carving software like Easel, these bits add depth and dimension that can’t be achieved with a flat bit. You can read my article about the V-Groove bits here.

Another choice could be the inevitable YoraHome Essential Bits, which includes 4 boxes of 10 CNC router bits that will satisfy different CNC needs. With this variety of bits, they can be used with acrylics, plastics, carbon fiber, chipboard, MDF, PCB, solid surface, wood, and aluminum.

What about the YoraHome CNC Diamond Drag Engraving Bit (90 Degree), to engrave Glass, Acrylic, Brass, Aluminum, Trophies, Name Tags! This bit allows incredibly detailed engravings on uneven surfaces and the engraving remains even. Read more about the diamond bit here.

Oh yes, you could always add a laser to the YoraHome CNC Carving Machine 3018-Pro. The YoraHome Laser Module will just slot in place of the spindle and comes with the required laser protective glasses and a laser shield. There are various powers available, 3.5W, 5.5W, 15W and 40W, which allows for use with varied materials.


Now that we have started discussing lasers, let’s have a look at presents for the YoraHome CNC Laser Engraving Machine 6550.

There is the YoraHome 6550 Maintenance Kit available containing: Guide Wheels, Timing Belts, Zip Ties, Nuts & Bolts.

To keep all the wiring neat and tidy on the Yora 6550, you could get the YoraHome 6550 Drag Chain Kit.

This elegant solution secures the cables (for the stepper motors and laser) and allows the laser head to move freely during the entire laser engraving process.

One of the most popular accessories for the Yora 6550 is the YoraHome 6550 Z-Axis For Laser Modules.

This is YoraHome's custom manual Z-axis that enables you to manually adjust your laser to go up and down. It is compatible with all the Yora Laser Modules. It is universal because it can also fit other laser modules on the market that are similar to ours, and any laser engraving machines with 2040 rails.

YoraHome’s new accessory for the 6550 is the YoraHome 6550 Air Assist.

Air assist basically means blowing air (supplied from an air compressor) onto the path of the laser to remove smoke and debris. The Yora 6550 Air Assist is ideal to stop burn marks, cut out thin wood in less time, and save the lifespan of the laser on the Yora 6550.

To engrave cylindrical objects you need the Yora Rotate Module. With it, it’s possible to engrave cylinder objects like cans, cup of glasses, tumblers and other engravable columns.

The step up from the basic rotary is the Yora TLC Rotary Attachment (Version 2).

This rotary accessory is adjustable to accommodate objects up to 260mm in length and can be adjusted for tapered glasses, stem ware, vases, beer glasses, shot glasses, wine glasses, champagne glasses, jars and so on. This design has an open bottom so that large objects can be nearly touching the bottom of the machine and the rails are spaced far enough apart that a machine with an open bottom can easily engrave items with handles such as coffee cups and mugs.

Not content with an engraving area of 65 x 50 cm, the YoraHome 6550 Expansion Kit converts the robust Yora 6550 (65 x 50 cm) to a Yora 65100 (65 x 100 cm).

There are lots of other accessories available that any CNC enthusiast would love to receive, like the YoraHome 6 Inch Stainless Steel Digital Caliper | mm/in/f Conversion which is an absolute necessity to check the length, width or thicknesses of your materials.

If you’re still struggling as to what you should get, have a look at the Select Materials collections to find various items that could be engraved or lasered.

And I haven't even mentioned the YoraHome SilverBack Benchtop CNC 6060 and its associated accessories.

Or the YoraHome 3D Printers and all the extras available.

Never mind all the woodworking tools that YoraHome offers. 

Santa might be busy this year, so give him a hand and get presents organized early.

Remember the Early Black Friday Sale will make Christmas shopping even better!

We all know how happy the YoraHome machines make everyone, add a bit of extra Christmas sparkle with a present to bring some extra joy.