Our 3D Printers Are Back In Stock With The 3DPrintMill!

Our Yora Ender-3 V2, CR-6 SE and Ender-5 Pro are finally back in stock.

The all-new Yora CR-30 3D Printer, also known as the 3DPrintMill, is also ready to ship from our warehouse in Ohio, USA. This beast is literally a mini-factory right on your desk:

  • Infinite Z Axis: Continuous printing with the 3DPrintMill equipped with a rolling conveyor belt.
  • Print dimensions: 200mm x 170mm x ∞mm
  • Wear-Resistant Nylon Conveyor Belt: The conveyor belt features excellent adhesion to the model. The printed model falls off automatically as the belt rolls to the end.
  • Stable Core-XY Structure & Unique 45 Degrees Printing Angle: The stable and sturdy Core-XY precision structure with isosceles right triangle support gives an extraordinary printing experience. The 45° angle design offsets the limitations of the vertical nozzle structure.
  • And many more amazing features!

We have these machines ready to ship from our US warehouse – delivery to most US addresses in just a few days. We also have a wide selection of filaments available, and more exciting options arriving soon!

Like all of our machines, we provide a dedicated support to our customers, and will be more than happy to help you get started on your 3D printing journey.

Get your order in today, and you could be printing in no time!