The New Yora Creality CR-6 SE 3D Printer Is On Our Shelves!

Have you been thinking about getting into 3D printing, but weren’t sure about the setup and how to get it all put together right?

The latest offering, the Yora Creality CR6-SE has taken the majority of the work out of the setup, and put it all into a nice, easy to setup package!

The CR6-SE offers many features commonly only found on larger, more expensive printers; and makes it easy for beginners or advanced users alike.

Key features:

  • Carborundum glass heated bed: Excellent adhesion, and easier to remove the prints.
  • Self-leveling feature: No more adjusting knobs and trying to get every corner “just so”; the controller measures the bed in 16 spots to determine clearances and zero itself
  • Filament detector: No more failed prints in the event of broken filament.
  • Project restore: lose power mid print? Pick up where you left off thanks to the internal memory.
  • Silent operation: Check out the video below of our printer in action – the fan is the only thing you hear while it’s running.
  • Easy-feed extruder: No more fighting to feed the filament, easy to use lever allowing for quick feeding of filament
  • Intuitive touch screen control: Load files, set temperatures, level the bed; all with the touch of a finger.
  • SD card support: No more dealing with adapters for microSD cards.
  • Easy assembly: The hardware for assembly consists of only 8 screws! Mount the upper frame to the base, mount the control panel, attach the carrying handle, and plug in the marked cables. You can be printing in no time!

Check out the product page here:

We have these ready to ship from our US warehouse – delivery to most US addresses in just a few days. We also have a wide selection of filaments available; and more options arriving soon!

Like all of our machines; we still provide support for our customers, and will be more than happy to help you get started on your 3D printing journey – contact us for more info if you have any questions.

Get your order in today, and you could be printing in no time!