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Are you looking for CNC routers to cut wood, acrylic, or soft aluminum? Discover YoraHome's fantastic desktop and benchtop CNC routers with free shipping today. You will fall in love with our EXCELLENT technical support based in USA and UK!


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Working Area
YoraHome CrossRiver Benchtop CNC Router 6060
New Product

YoraHome® CrossRiver Benchtop CNC Router 6060

$2,599.00 $2,999.00
Save $400.00
YoraHome SilverBack Benchtop CNC Router 6060
Best Seller

YoraHome® SilverBack Benchtop CNC Router 6060

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$1,699.00 $1,999.00
Save $300.00
YoraHome® SilverBack Benchtop CNC Router 1X1M|39X39"

YoraHome® SilverBack Benchtop CNC Router 1X1M|39X39"

$2,589.00 $2,789.00
Save $200.00
 CNC Router  3018-Pro carving machine for hobby work
Best Seller

YoraHome® CNC Router 3018-Pro

$289.99 $344.99
Save $55.00
YoraHome  3018-Pro CNC router carving machine with laser module is compact and versatile for home use.

YoraHome® CNC Router 3018-Pro (With Laser Module Kit)

Starting at
$449.99 $519.99
Save $70.00

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a CNC router and how does it work?

    CNC Routers use a spindle motor to turn a carving bit, allowing the user to carve out material to create designs of their choice.
    It utilizes software (Easel, Carveco, Vectric) on a computer to design and adjust the project, making the code necessary to operate the machine. They are commonly used for various projects, including signs, plaques, 3D carvings, and similar items.

  • What do I need to know before buying a CNC router?

    The most crucial factor in purchasing a CNC Router is your intended usage. There are many power levels and work area sizes available in CNC Routers, so you will want to ensure that your machine can engrave on the materials you wish to work with efficiently.
    Another critical factor in purchasing is the post-sales support offered - YoraHome provides multiple support options for our customers, and we want to ensure that you are successful with your new machine. Beware of sellers that don't offer support beyond an email "black hole"!