Get More Power and More Accuracy, And Reduce That Noise!

Jim RareyUpdated: Feb 27, 2024

Everyone running a CNC router has experienced the challenge of finding the balance of getting effective carves - either with the stock spindle, or the common trim router upgrades.

In addition, you have to deal with the noise levels - and so do your neighbors...  You are protecting your hearing, right? If not, check out our Hearing Protection option as well!

Vary your options with a VFD!

We are now happy to offer a less noisy, more powerful, more accurate option for the SilverBack and CrossRiver CNC Routers - a new water-cooled spindle Kit!

This kit will include everything you need to equip your machine with more power, and is pre-configured for easy installation.

Why Should You Get a VFD Spindle?

Everyone is on the quest for more power - and the pre-configured VFD Spindle Kit can certainly provide that for you.

It can be hard to determine the power sometimes, since there's the standard spindles that just list wattage, routers that list horsepower, and everything in between - so let's take a look at what we have for options:

  • Stock Spindle Motor - SilverBack/CrossRiver: 500W, or approximately 0.7HP
  • Makita RT0701C Router: approximately 800W, rated at 1.25HP
  • YoraHome VFD Spindle Kit: 1500W, approximately 2HP

VFD units also offer a number of advantages over the standard router motors; which can help you be more productive, and improve your quality.

Some of the biggest advantages:

  • Higher duty cycle - VFD spindles are designed to run all day long at consistent speed
  • Higher torque at lower speed settings
  • Better runout for higher accuracy - provides higher quality output, and increases tool life
  • No brushes to wear out like a DC spindle motor
  • Significantly quieter than a router motor - no air cooling needed!

Get the Complete Package!

Unlike some other VFD kits out there, with the YoraHome VFD Spindle System; you're getting a complete kit that is ready to install - no programming or fabrication needed!

You'll get nearly everything you need to have this mounted on your machine and be carving in no time - all you need to provide is a water reservoir (5-gallon bucket works), some distilled water, and your creativity!


Each kit includes:

  • VFD, pre-programmed, and pre-wired for convenience, in a secure enclosure
  • Spindle, rated at a maximum of 24,000 RPM at 400 Hz
  • Water Pump
  • Water tubing
  • Mounting Brackets (SilverBack only - the CrossRiver comes with the brackets already)
  • Collets, wrenches, cables

We have 25 kits in stock now at our US warehouse, and ready to ship out to you - head over to our site and get yours today. Don't miss out!