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Whether you want to start a new hobby or grow a side hustle, you get all the tools and support needed with YoraHome to transform your design ideas into reality.

yorahome TEAM

Meet Our Dream Team

  • Jim Rarey
  • Jeremy Kareken
  • Noble Martinez
  • Janice Sherriffs
  • Alban Bredou

Jim Rarey

Jim is a Navy veteran from the Pacific Northwest, who now works in the power Industry. He is also a small business owner, running an auto repair shop, teaching adult technology classes and helping YoraHome with technical support.

Jeremy Kareken

Jeremy is an army veteran. He recently started his own woodworking business thanks to YoraHome. He is also helping our customers reach their goals with the YoraHome products. Jeremy loves to travel and has a passion for history.

Noble Martinez

Noble used to work as a Customer Service Specialist in an investment company. With her customer-oriented background, she is the one responding to our customers inquiries via email. She also supports our social team by sending communications to clients for the YoraHome ambassador program. She is a foodie and loves spending time with her family.

Janice Sherriffs

Janice describes herself as very British, born in England with a Scottish father and an Irish mother she brings a wealth of experience from many differing industries. She is in charge of the business development of YoraHome in UK. She loves to write and to create awesome designs on acrylic surfaces using CNC technology.

Alban Bredou

Alban started YoraHome with his family to nurture their craft projects and entrepreneurial skills. With his logistics background, his main responsibility revolves around coordinating all activities required to bring the right products to the right markets in a timely and efficient manner. He is also involved in researching and developing new YoraHome products. He is an avid reader and likes to spend time with his family.


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