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Need to see a machine running for yourself before making a decision?

If you can't come to our demo room in Ohio (USA), you can now get all the benefits of an in-person visit from the comfort of your home.

Here’s how it works:

  • Please fill out the form below by entering the information for an appointment. We’ll email you to set a date that works for both of us. Just so you know, we will try to accommodate your desired time, but we may need to reschedule the virtual demo because of demand.
  • During the call, we’ll show you anything you want to see on the YoraHome machine. We’ll even run a design, so you can get the experience of watching the machine live.
  • We’ll also answer all your CNC questions to the best of our capacity. And please don’t worry; there’s no commitment necessary. We’re just here to help you learn more.