CrossRiver Owners - Your 4th Axis Is Now Available!

Jim RareyUpdated: Jun 17, 2024

Ever since the CrossRiver was released, we know you've been waiting patiently for a 4th Axis option - and we are happy to announce that we now have an option available for you!

Why Should You Get a 4th Axis?

If you want to expand the capabilities of your workshop, and start working on tumblers, cylindrical objects, and the like - a 4th axis is going to be just what you need.

The CrossRiver 4th Axis has all the features found on our other 4th Axis models, and is equipped with a closed-loop NEMA 23 stepper motor, identical to the other steppers on your CrossRiver.

Installation is simple, and will only take you a few minutes - check out the video below to see just how easy it is.


We have these in stock now at our US warehouse, and ready to ship out to you - head over to our site and get yours today. Don't miss out!