Introducing YoraHome Buddy Program

Angie RareyUpdated: Jul 29, 2022

Whether you are brand new to the world of CNC routers and lasers, just purchased your first machine and are wondering how to get started, or have been using these wonderful machines for a while and are now confident enough to start helping others – the YoraHome Buddy Program is for you.

What is YoraHome Buddy Program?

It is a network that we are working on building where you will hopefully be able to connect with a user near you that you can "buddy" with to get your questions answered.

We developed the Buddy Program because we realized that not everyone could come to our showroom in Ohio to see our machines in person or receive one-on-one training there.

We were receiving request after request of people asking if there was anywhere else they could go or anyone else they could talk to for local assistance.

Now, we still have our wonderful tech support and sales teams. They are not going anywhere but as good as they are, they still get backlogged sometimes; so the YoraHome Buddy Program is a way to network with regular users with real-life experiences.

There are two sides to the Buddy Program – Be A Buddy Or Find A Buddy. I will try to outline who fits into each side below.

1. Find A Buddy

Are you the hands-on type that wants to look at a piece of equipment before buying it but lives too far from Ohio to come to the YoraHome showroom?

Are you not very technical and need someone to help you build your machine but the cost of shipping to have tech support do it just isn’t possible?

Do you just want to know local people in your area who enjoy the same hobby as you so you can bounce ideas off each other?

You will be able to find buddies near your location using the link below:

Simply enter your address or postal code to find the closest buddy to you.

When you start to type your postal code, the page will display possible matches - select the relevant entry to populate the search window by clicking/tapping on the result. 

Once the search is populated, the matches will be shown on the map; you can use the zoom function to better view your results.

Simply click on the red "pin" to display the buddy contact form - fill out your information and message, and the buddy will get an email notification.

Now keep in mind that the program is just starting, so we may not have buddies close to you just yet, but our goal is to eventually have enough buddies so that nobody has to travel more than an hour or two to get to the closest buddy for them.

2. Be A Buddy

Do you want to help others learn about the world of CNC?

Can you remember how overwhelmed you felt when you first opened that box and thought to yourself, now what? – We have all been there. Here is your chance to help others and earn rewards.

Are you technically inclined and willing to help someone less technical to build their machine or troubleshoot why it is not working correctly? (You can earn compensation for your services)

Do you just want to know local people in your area that enjoy the same hobby as you so you can bounce ideas off each other?

If you are interested in being a YoraHome buddy, please fill the information in this form.

Whether you need a buddy or want to be a buddy, we are working to strengthen our network of users worldwide, all in order to be the best we can be in helping you Unleash your Creativity with YoraHome.