1.1. We are not responsible for delivery and delivery performance.
1.2. By default, we use express companies like DHL Express, FedEx Express and UPS to ship our products. However, for small packages and accessories, we use national mail services such as USPS, Royal Mail and TNT.
1.3. We guarantee the shipment of the goods within 24-72 hours right after the purchase. In some cases (stockouts, holidays season, promotions), we could experience some delays before shipping the products, but the customers will be informed about it.


2.1. We are not responsible for the correct functioning and proper use of the softwares needed to operate the CNC machines.
2.2. If you are not sure of the correct operation of the machine or the software, please consult us. We provide 1 hour of free consultation.
2.3. We provide further consultations on the basis of 50 USD per hour. This service is also available to non YoraHome Customers, provided you own a similar machine or model bought from another company.


3.1. Always wear safety goggles when operating the laser modules.
3.2. Make sure that you have a fire-extinguisher at hand in case of an unexpected fire.
3.3. Never aim a laser beam at anyone and use it only for its designed purposes: laser cutting/engraving machine.
3.4. Never leave the laser unattended to avoid accidental fires and careless actions of humans and animals.
3.5. During the laser engraving process, keep in mind that combustion products are released which can be harmful to health. Always use an air funnel and ventilation.
3.6. If you plan to cut any material, underlay a piece of metal to protect the worktable from damage and fire.


4.1. I understand that the YoraHome’s laser modules 2.5W, 3W, 5.5W, 7W, 10W, 10W, 20W+ are not standalone products designed for standalone operations, and must be installed into a 3D printer, CNC Router, Laser Engraver or Plotter.
4.2. I understand that operating the YoraHome’s lasers 2.5W, 5.5W, 7W, 10W, 10W, 20W+, or any other laser cutter, outdoors and/or on battery power is a dangerous and illegal practice and agree not to do so.
4.3. I am cognizant of the risk of severe eye damage if the accessory is operated improperly.
4.4. I agree to not hold YoraHome's lasers 2.5W, 3W, 5.5W, 7W, 10W, 10W, 20W+ responsible for any damage incurred to my person or property. I agree to relieve YoraHome from any liability arising from the sale or use of YoraHome's products.
4.5 I understand that the safety goggles provided with YoraHome's lasers 2.5W, 3W, 5.5W, 7W, 10W, 10W, 20W+ are intended to block reflected light from the workpiece or working surface, and will not shield the user’s eyes from a direct beam or from a reflection coming from a mirrored surface.


YoraHome purchases components for lasers and routers on open markets, therefore, we can not guarantee that all components are branded.

We do all the necessary tests before shipment to make sure that the product is reliable and capable of what is advertised in our ads and product pages.

YoraHome products' design may vary to what is shown and presented on-site.

All engraving, cutting and printing parameters may vary and are shown as an indication of our own results and those obtained by our customers. They do not guarantee specific results.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at support@yorahome.com.