Find My Buddy

Are you the hands-on type that wants to look at a piece of equipment before buying it but lives too far from our YoraHome showroom in Ohio, USA?

Are you not very technical and need someone to help you build your machine but the cost of shipping to have tech support do it just isn’t possible?

Or, do you just want to know local people in your area who enjoy the same hobby as you so you can bounce ideas off each other?

You can find YoraHome Buddies near your location using the search tool below.

Note: If you are rather technically inclined and willing to help someone less technical to build their machine or troubleshoot why it is not working correctly, please fill in the information in this form to be a YoraHome Buddy. You can learn more about our Buddy Program here.

When you start to type your postal code, the page will display possible matches in a drop-down listing - select the relevant entry to populate the search window by clicking/tapping on the result.