The New 20W Optical Laser For 6550-Pro Owners Gives You MORE POWER!

Jim RareyUpdated: Apr 28, 2023

If you're familiar with YoraHome Laser Engravers, you know that cutting with a diode laser was never a quick process.

Slow speeds and high power levels meant long cut times and countless cool down periods.

Even if you found the ideal settings, you always ran the risk when trying to do a single pass, that the laser wouldn’t go through completely throughout the entire design - just adding to your frustration!

People were amazed when YoraHome’s 10W optical output laser found on the 6550-Pro made that task much easier; but then we thought "What could we do to make it even better?".

Well, obviously - we had to get MORE POWER!

We are proud to present our newest addition to the 6550-Pro - the 20W Optical Output Laser Module!

With 96W of input power, this Diode Laser can provide a whopping 20W of cutting power, allowing you to reach speeds un-achievable with our previous lineup of laser modules.

But just those specs aren't nearly enough - you most certainly want to see just what this laser is capable of, right?

1. First Test - Cutting Through 1/8" Plywood

This test was run at a speed of 13 inches/m or 330 mm/m using only 70% power when cutting 1/8th plywood in a single pass.

This means those layered pieces of art you create will be done quicker, while remaining well in the recommended power output levels.

So as you can see - this laser has much greater capacity for cutting - but that's just 1/8" let's see what this laser can REALLY cut.

2. Second Test - Cutting Through Solid Wood

I took this a step further and wanted to cut solid wood. So I went to my scrap pile, and grabbed a piece of Cherry. This piece of wood was almost 9mm thick, solid cherry.

As always, I wanted to stay within acceptable power levels and cut at 70%. I don’t like over working my lasers if I don’t have too.

With this test, I was able to run at a speed of 5 in/m or 127 mm/m in a single pass that cut cleanly through.

As you can see, we are now seeing cut capabilities that normally would have only been possible on a CO2 laser - this thing is a BEAST!

3. Third Test - Engraving On Tumblers

Now the benefits don’t stop there - the 20W Optical Laser Module also makes engraving your favorite tumblers quicker and easier than ever.

Certain colors of tumblers, I won’t mention any - (OK, the WHITE ones), always gave me trouble.

I would always have to do multiple passes, sometimes as many as 3 passes to get down to the stainless and have a clean engraving. This introduces possibility for error, just due to movement.

I can’t tell you how many times I thought I got it all and took it off the 4th Axis only to discover that I had not.

So for this test, I was able to run at a speed of 200 inches/m or 5080 mm/m at only 55% power.

I was able to engrave the entire white coating clear down to the stainless and wipe off the soot for a finished clean engraving.

Final Thoughts

I have just highlighted some of the benefits of the 20W Optical Laser Module For the 6550-Pro Owners.

In addition to everything mentioned above, you will be able to enjoy working with a well tuned machine, capable of faster laser engraving on all materials. Quicker fills, and photo engravings. All around improvements in time and wear on the machine.

Keep in mind that the 20W optical laser is a bit beefier than the 10W, at 59mm x 58mm compared to the 10W at 40mm x 40mm. This means you will lose almost an inch of your Y axis range.

But, with the time saved and the already large work area of our 6550-Pro Laser Engraver, that seems like a fair trade to me!

This laser also includes a few other key features:

  • Integrated 450nm laser shield
  • A more direct air assist (much like those found on CO2 lasers)
  • Designed so you don’t have to use a second power supply!

The 20W Optical Laser Module comes with everything you will need to install it, a well detailed instruction manual, as well as an installation video on our Online Knowledge Base that will be available soon.

For now, this is an upgrade to your existing 6550-Pro machine (coming with a 10W optical laser). We anticipate that the 20W Optical laser will be available as an option for first time purchases of the 6550-Pro machines in the very near future - keep an eye out for our newsletter to announce that!

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS LASER IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE ORIGINAL 6550 LASER ENGRAVING MACHINE. The 20W laser operates with a 24VDC power supply, while the original 6550 is 12VDC only.

In conclusion, you have nothing to lose and ALL the time to gain by adding the YoraHome 20W Laser Module to your line up! The first units will start shipping in about 3 weeks.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Cutting!

Special Thanks to our R&D Manager Shawn Nelson for his assistance in this blog.