The 20W Optical Laser with 24V Power Adapter is READY!

Jim RareyUpdated: Jun 27, 2023

“Will the new 20W laser work with the old 6550?”

We got this question a lot when we rolled out our new workhorse for our 6550-Pro Laser engravers.

And out of the gate, that answer was a disappointing (even to us) “No”.

This was due to voltage needed by the laser to perform its functions. The 20W laser requires 24VDC in order to push out its 20W of output power; while the 6550 boards are made to only provide 12VDC of power.

You saw my teaser video in the YoraHome CNC User Group Facebook page, and the answer now is an exciting “YES!”

1. For 6550 Laser Engravers

We have developed a kit to properly connect to your older 6550 12V model, that will now allow you to enjoy the output power that the 6550-Pro is capable of.

This kit is compatible with the 8-bit and 32-bit boards.

Follow my installation video below, just to see how fast and easy setting this up will be (even though my work area is a mess). 


2. For SilverBack CNC Routers

Since we have also seen your questions regarding using this new laser with the CNC Router machines - and we've also been working on that for you!

Unfortunately, the 3018-Pro and Mandrill will not be able to use this laser at this time, due to the design of the tool holder - the new laser is simply too large to fit in the spindle mount.

We are experimenting with some adapters that might allow mounting of this laser, with the disclaimer that you will need to move the X axis mounting plates in order to retain your effective work area. This is inherent in the design, as the laser will likely have to mount in front of the spindle mount.

For the SilverBack owners - this laser can ABSOLUTELY work with your machine!

You may have seen the post previously in our Facebook Users Group regarding the adapter plate for mounting your diode laser to the SilverBack by removing the spindle mount - this is a required item for mounting the new 20W laser on the SilverBack. This adapter plate is included in addition to the 24V power adapter when the SilverBack variant is ordered.

Now, join the ranks of the creators using a 20W optical laser!