Introducing YoraHome 3-In-1 Dust Shoe

Alban BredouUpdated: Jul 23, 2022

Do you own a 3018-Pro CNC Router?

Did you grab our 3018-Pro 300W/500W spindle upgrade?

Or do you own our Mandrill 3036 CNC Router?

If the answer to one of the previous questions is yes, and you do not use a dust shoe yet, then it's now possible to keep your work area clean using our new YoraHome 3-in-1 Dust shoe.

Highly flexible and soft, the dual fit design of the YoraHome 3-in-1 Dust Shoe is compatible with:

  1. 3018-Pro CNC routers with a 775 spindle motor
  2. 3018-Pro CNC routers with a 300W/500W spindle upgrade
  3. 3036 Mandrill CNC routers

No loss of Z-steps during the milling process: our brush material is made by a US-based manufacturer that offers a softer and less dense fill specifically for our needs.

Tony did a fantastic job in the video below to show you step-by-step how to assemble it easily:

Check all the details of the YoraHome 3-in-1 Dust Shoe, and grab yours in the following link:

Happy carving!