Can A 5th Grader Build A CNC?

Keri SpringUpdated: Aug 14, 2022

"We built a CNC!  Well, we put it together.  We assembled a YoraHome 6060 SilverBack. It has a 24"x24" work area, ball screw drive on all 3 axis, and an air cooled spindle.  I enlisted Jessica's help to put it together and it went pretty smoothly.  Jessica was even able to do her very first CNC carve with the silverback and Easel. YoraHome has offered a discount to my viewers if they use the code CCC at checkout. I am not an affiliate of YoraHome and I received no payment for this video, they did send me the Silverback free of charge for me to review. After assembly and first carve, I can definitely say that I am happy with the machine and the customer service!  I would definitely recommend looking at the Silverback if you are looking for a hobby machine that will boost your creative capability without breaking the bank.  This machine will compete with the Shapeoko, the Onefinity, or any of the other benchtop CNCs. The BIG question is: Could Jess have assembled it herself?" - Custom Creative Carvings

Watch below video and see how Jessica helped to build YoraHome SilverBack CNC Router.