YoraHome CO2 Lasers Are Back!

Jim RareyUpdated: Jul 11, 2023

It has been a while, but we are happy to announce that the YoraHome CO2 Laser Engravers are back, with a few changes!

As we always do, we've made sure that you're getting the best machine, at the best price, with the best support around - in order to maintain this level of customer service, we have changed to a different manufacturing partner that meets our exacting requirements.

If you were thinking of getting a CO2 to expand your shop capabilities - now is the time to order!

But I'm sure the more important things you want to know are just what the new machines have to offer - so here we go:

1. Two Sizes Available

The YoraHome CO2 Laser Engraver is available in 2 models - allowing you to select the one that will fit your needs:

  • 80W CO2 Laser - with a 60x40cm (24x16in) work area 
  • 100W CO2 Laser - with a 90x60cm (35x24in) work area

2. RUIDA Controller

The RUIDA controller is an industry standard - found in nearly all major CO2 laser engravers.

It provides an easy to use interface, and is fully compatible with LightBurn software - no need to learn a complicated CAD/CAM software, or try and work with translated software that you can't read.

The RUIDA controller can be easily updated as firmware improvements are released - which can open up future options for your machine (we're watching these as well, so we can continue development of new items).

Coupled with the RUIDA controller is a full-feature control panel, which allows you to review settings, start/stop projects, and monitor progress.

3. Safety Features

Large, easily accessible Emergency Stop button - no looking for a "Stop" function in software, or trying to find a power switch somewhere on the machine.

The emergency Stop is located right on the front of the machine, and latches in the Safe position.

There is also a safety switch on the main lid - this prohibits laser operation when the lid is open, to prevent personnel injury from the invisible laser beam.

Finally, there is a cooling safety circuit; this prohibits laser operation if the cooling system is not in operation - prevent laser damage due to improper cooling flow.

4. Cooling Unit

Gone are the days of using a bucket of water to keep your laser cool!

This package includes a CW-5000 Chiller unit, which is an entirely self-contained unit that uses a refrigerator-like cooling loop to keep your laser tube safely cooled.

This will ensure proper cooling, and longer life of the laser tube. 

The previously noted cooling safety circuit is built in to the chiller unit, just a simple plug-in connection to the main laser. 

The complete cooling loop requires approximately 2 gallons of distilled water, considerably less than the older "bucket" system.

5. RECI CO2 Laser Tubes

Speaking of the laser tube, this machine uses a RECI Premium Laser Tube; available in either 80W (with a 60x40cm work area) or 100W (with a 90x60cm work area).

RECI Laser tubes are one of the top rated brands available. We wanted to make sure you're getting the best option out there!

The laser nozzle assembly is also equipped with an adjustable red-dot pointer, for ease in positioning - know right where your project will be placed.

6. Motorized Z-Axis With Auto-Focus

Remember trying to position your workpiece on the 6550 - either turning the knob to adjust the Z Axis height, or having to prop your workpiece up to get the laser focus right? Not with this machine!

A heavy duty stepper motor is installed with a chain drive to raise and lower the work bed at the touch of a button - allowing for a workpiece height of 11 inches - no longer limited to just thin items.

As an added bonus to the motorized bed, the machine also includes a touch-probe for automatic focal height adjustment.

Simply ensure that your workpiece is under the laser nozzle, and click the "Focus" button in LightBurn - the workbed will automatically raise the workpiece to the correct height, so you can start burning with no delay.

7. Dual Work Surface

If you were like me when I first started looking at this feature, you're probably wondering "what do I need this for?". But over time, it turned out to be quite a versatile option.

For large engraving projects, or if you need just a little more height for a tall project, using the knife edge supports will fit the bill.

For cutting of small items, or to help contain your cutouts more stably, using the traditional honeycomb workbed will help retain all those little bits that would otherwise fall through the knife edge slats.

The honeycomb is now held in place with multiple neodymium magnets - no more having to remove screws and try to line them back up! The magnets hold the honeycomb firmly in place - I haven't had any honeycomb movement, even at engraving speeds of 2000 mm/sec!

8. Exhaust and Air Assist Included

Our previous machine used a large centrifugal exhaust blower - great at moving air, not so great at noise...

We are now including an axial exhaust fan, which provides ample air flow in a much quieter package - you can actually carry on a conversation with the machine running.

An air pump is also included for the air assist system, simply plugs right into the machine for ease of use.

9. Make-To-Order Machine

One minor change to the process is that we are not stocking these here in the warehouse - this has allowed us to keep the prices lower for you, and still get you the quality you've come to expect from YoraHome.

Each machine is built to order, inspected, tested, crated, and shipped directly to your door - average delivery time is 40-60 days via sea freight/truck freight. This includes liftgate service at your location.

10. Two-Year Warranty

We want your machine to be the best - and we stand behind that! While we certainly expect no issues, we also understand that sometimes things happen - so the CO2 laser is warrantied against defects in material and workmanship for 2 years. (Note: This does not include the laser tube itself, or accessory items, which are warrantied for 1 year.)

During the warranty period, YoraHome will repair or replace any failed covered components at no charge to you. 

Our customer support team is always ready to help you with any issues or questions you may have - our support is world-class!

If you're ready to make the next step to elevate your business, take a look at our new CO2 Laser Engravers Cutters  today! 

If you want to learn more, send us an email at support@yorahome.com or give us a call to discuss!