CrossRiver CNC Router VS SilverBack CNC Router

Jim RareyUpdated: Mar 23, 2024

We have had a lot of questions about just what makes the CrossRiver CNC Router better than the SilverBack CNC Router.

So we wanted to take a few minutes to review the machine, and point out the key changes that we've implemented to make this our premiere machine. 

We initially had planned to do a live review session, but instead have done just a quick walkthrough recording here in the showroom with a side-by-side look at both machines. This allows you to go back and review at any time, without having to look for an older live session.

Check out the video below, and if you have any questions about the machine, please contact us at, or give us a call at 833-541-5997.

Grab your CrossRiver CNC today!

Please note - I may have misspoken during the recording; the changes we have implemented on the construction of the CrossRiver are driven by customer FEEDBACK; not issues. The SilverBack machines shipping out at this time have had revisions to address any early implementation concerns. Thank you!