Bonjour! La Bizounerie Reviews The YoraHome Mandrill 3036 CNC Router

Jim RareyUpdated: Nov 06, 2022

A frequent contributor in the CNC world for the last couple of years, predominantly in the French-Canadian market - Marc with La Bizounerie has been generating CNC related content to help customers in that market become successful with their machines.  

He has put together a fantastic series of videos targeted at beginners as well as seasoned users, showcasing a number of machines (including 3018-Pro style machines). His tutorials and reviews are a huge asset for the French-Canadian CNC community, and a valuable asset to anyone getting started with a CNC machine.

We were thrilled when he reached out to us for the opportunity to review our Mandrill 3036 CNC Router. 😇

Marc graciously did a complete video review on assembling and testing the machine, as you can see below. 

Marc has told us that he is also working on a detailed unboxing and assembly video in French as well - which is an outstanding opportunity for our French-speaking customers!

We look forward to working with Marc more in the future to assist us in future French language videos - all a part of making YoraHome Customer Support the best offering on the market!

We would like to extend a HUGE merci to Marc for helping us in this endeavor, and spreading the word about the Mandrill 3036 CNC Router.

Commandez le vôtre dès aujourd'hui !