The New YoraHome Multi-Purpose Rotary!

Jim RareyUpdated: Jun 20, 2023

Have we finally gotten ONE Rotary to do it all?

Well, not quite: but we're getting pretty close!

It is worth noting that the new YoraHome Multi-Purpose Rotary is NOT suitable for carving. Due to this limitation, we've brought this in at a great price point.

This economically priced unit will allow you to laser engrave more types of objects with less fiddling around to make them fit.

It comes with all the attachments necessary to engrave:

  • your favorite Yeti,
  • glassware like wine/flute glasses,
  • spherical objects like baseballs and Christmas ornaments,
  • rings and really large oddball things like baseball bats,
  • coffee presses as seen in the video below.

I have even done a 1-gallon Yeti water cooler, full wrap engraving using the Roller portion of the rotary.

Set up is going to be much easier than previous rotary models, as the rotary is already mostly assembled, and you can follow our previous LightBurn rotary setup videos to get the proper rotation calibrated.

We will be doing a complete setup video for this specific rotary in the near future; working to get a new office and laser room all set up.

The Chuck attachment has two sets of jaws that just bolt onto it, for use with many various sizes of material, as well as a set of aluminum rods to hold rings, suction cup, and rear roller bearing supports for those longer and heavy objects.

As you can see, with this New Rotary -  you GET a lot, and this will DO a lot!