Need A Helping Hand?
An Update on the YoraHome Buddy Program!

Jim RareyUpdated: Nov 15, 2023

Everyone needs a hand sometimes - and that's what the YoraHome Buddy Program is all about!

What is the YoraHome Buddy Program?

A little over a year ago, we launched the YoraHome Buddy Program - a way to connect our users together when additional help was needed, or just to help someone that might be contemplating a machine and wanted to see things in person.

We had an initial rush of people sign up to be a YoraHome Buddy - and we want to thank every one of them for all their help in making this program a success.

What's New?

We wanted to put out a reminder for everyone that may not be aware of the Buddy Program - and also let everyone know that we've nearly doubled the Buddies around the world!

We now have Buddies all over - US, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe - so no matter where you are, there may be a Buddy nearby that can help you out.

How Do I Find a Buddy?

Finding a buddy is easy - simply head over to the Find My Buddy page, and use our handy search tool. This will allow you to find the closest 5 Buddies, and lets you send them an email to ask questions.

The map will also show you which machines the prospective Buddy has experience with:

Hey, I Want To Be A Buddy!

Do you want to help out other users? Have a knack for assembling things, and answering questions? We know you're out there - we've seen the posts in our Facebook Users Group...

If you would like to join the ranks of the YoraHome Buddy list; we'd be happy to add you to the list! Head to the Be A YoraHome Buddy page, fill out the easy form, and we'll get you added to the list.

In case you missed the original news about the YoraHome Buddy Program; check out our Blog post to see the full details.

Again - a HUGE thank you to all our current Buddies for all your help and hard work; we appreciate you!

If you're in need of a hand - find your Buddy today!