The YoraHome Facebook Users Group Is Now Open!

Jim RareyUpdated: Sep 25, 2022

You've asked, and we have listened!

Hundreds of potential customers every month have asked to be able to join our Facebook Users Group in order to ask questions about our machines, check out what sort of great projects are being done with YoraHome machines, or to get "real world" reviews from our users.

In the past, we have restricted access to our owners only - so those questions may have gone unanswered, projects unseen, and reviews missed.

In response to this, we have made a significant change to the Users Group - Membership Requests are now open to the general public! 

All we ask is that all members review and acknowledge the group rules upon requesting access - that's it!

We will still be moderating new posts, and watching the comments, so that we can keep spam and trolling to a minimum - after all, we still want the Users Group to be a productive setting for people to share ideas, help one another, and communicate with the YoraHome Team.

If you've been interested in a YoraHome machine, or just want to see what sort of things can be done with the machines, head on over and join the group now! 

We look forward to seeing you as a part of the YoraHome Family!

Image by Freepik