The YoraHome PCB Quick Probe For CNC Routers Is Now Available!

Jim RareyUpdated: Apr 20, 2023

CNC Router owners - have you ever been setting up your project, and you get to the step of setting your work home; just to find out that your machine is hitting that upper Z limit due to the thickness of the Z Probe?

I know I have run into that, and have dealt with the frustration of "how am I going to fix this now?"... along with maybe a few choice words...

In the past, this typically meant that you would have to revert to the "Manual" method of setting your Z height - either using the "slip of paper" method, or just eyeballing the position.

While these are effective methods, it's much faster and easier to use a probe.

Well - YoraHome has good news for you!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the YoraHome PCB Quick Probe!

This new probe will give you back all that "lost" height - while the probes typically shipped with our machines have been between 10-20mm in height, the YoraHome PCB Quick Probe is an average thickness of just 1.5mm!

As an added bonus, the PCB Quick Probe is compatible (and operation has been tested) with ALL our CNC Routers - the SilverBack, the Mandrill, and even the 3018-Pro!

Key Features of the YoraHome PCB Quick Probe:

  • Thin construction - average 1.5mm
  • Magnetic connection to your bit/collet/spindle - no more clip!
  • Hole in the PCB is designed to fit over the head of standard assembly hardware - keep your probe in a convenient location
  • Dual contact pads - can be used for 3-axis probing! (where supported by software - not currently available in Easel)
  • Easy setup - just plug in and edit the probe thickness in your desired software package

Each package will include:

  • 1x PCB Quick Probe
  • 1x Wiring Adapter (depending on variant) for connection to SilverBack and Second-generation Mandrill machines
  • Instruction guide for setup, including measurement specific to YOUR probe, and coding instructions for 3-axis probing

Stay tuned for our tutorial video as well, showing proper setup and use of the probe, including 3-axis probing.

Get your YoraHome PCB Quick Probe today!