Let's Make Up A Batch Of...Key Rings?

Jim RareyUpdated: Oct 10, 2023

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and any day now, we'll start seeing holiday decor in every store - along with all the stocking stuffer little gifts that seem to be everywhere...

So why not try to be a part of that gift market!

With a YoraHome machine at your disposal, you can start producing those trinkets that everyone wants, and turn a tidy profit in the process - and do it quickly as well.

Whether you're cutting out Christmas ornaments, earrings, coasters, or any number of items - we've got a machine that can help you with your projects.

We'll be showcasing more of the opportunities in the coming weeks with more blog posts.

Today, let's join Mark from the Tech Support Team as he shows us how to use batch work to make quick work of some key fobs using the Mandrill CNC Router.

This is a quick project that was prompted by a question from a friend - and a half hour later, he's got a batch of fobs ready to sell. Not only that, he's using scraps from other projects to make them - don't toss those scraps; sell them!

Take a look at the video and follow along as Mark takes us through the entire process:

  1. The idea: what to make?
  2. Setting up your machine to be ready to go: having a jig in place.
  3. Project setup in Easel: save those templates!
  4. Cut those items and have them ready for sale: profit!

Stay tuned to our blog for more quick projects coming soon, featuring more of your favorite YoraHome machines!