SilverBack Owners - You Can Now Run That Makita Router Automatically!

Jim RareyUpdated: Mar 08, 2023

We "teased" you about this a few weeks ago, and you said you were interested...

We are happy to announce that it is now a reality - we have released the YoraHome Relay Module for SilverBack CNC machines!

This module connects to the spindle output on your SilverBack controller, and will allow the controller to turn your add-on router (Makita or similar) on and off automatically.

From a safety standpoint, in the event you need to hit that emergency stop switch, the router will now turn off as well - no more scrambling to turn it off or unplug it.

From an operational standpoint, you can now leave your machine spindle control in "Hardware" or "Automatic", and the router will start/stop on demand (speed control still managed by the router dial).

This module has been assembled and tested right here in our USA showroom, and is ready to ship out now!


  • ABS Housing for all circuitry
  • Relay rated at 20A for safety - well above the Makita rating of 6.5A max 
  • Input cord and outlet grounded for safety 
  • All AC voltage wiring is 16AWG - rated for nearly 30A loads
  • Aviation connector to match the spindle output of the SilverBack controller

If you want to get your router running automatically, get your YoraHome Relay Module today!

NOTE: At this time, the YoraHome Relay Module is only available in the North American market; options for international markets are under consideration.