Super Size Your 6550-Pro - Tackle Those Bigger Projects!

Jim RareyUpdated: Aug 15, 2023

“How do I engrave a sign that's bigger than the 6550-Pro work area?”

“I saw this great project for a sign that was 3 feet long - how do I tile it so I can do this with my 6550-Pro?”

We've all seen questions like this around the internet, and even in our Facebook Users Group - and it all too often leads to frustration in trying to split a project into multiple parts and keeping them lined up....

But, did you know you don't have to resort to this, when you can just expand your machine to be a 65100-Pro

That's right - you can easily double your work space; making those larger projects a reality.

This picture is of a project I did for an example of the expanded capacity - that's a 2x4 foot piece of material, and did all the engraving in one project!

The 6550-Pro Expansion Kit comes with everything you need to install on your machine, and start working on those larger projects right away:

  • New controller with wiring pre-attached (what you don't have with other companies. Our setup is almost plug-and-play)
  • Longer Drag Chain for Y axis
  • Longer aluminum extrusions
  • Drag chain support rail for the Y axis with mounting hardware
  • Timing belts for Y axis Longer air assist tubing

All-in-one easy to install package - No special tools needed. No unwiring. No rewiring the controller.

Install the kit, update your machine size in LightBurn, and you're ready to go.

Don't turn away a customer that wants a larger project - get your machine set up to do these big jobs.

Order your 6550-Pro Expansion Kit today hereAnd if you REALLY want to upgrade your 6550-Pro, take a look at the capabilities of the new 20W Output Laser Module as well.