The New CrossRiver CNC is Shipping!

Jim RareyUpdated: Nov 23, 2023

Introducing the CrossRiver CNC Router

Yes, you read that headline correctly - the new CrossRiver Benchtop CNC Router is now ready to ship out, and ready to boost your creativity and capability.

Over the years, YoraHome has always listened to input from our customers on how we can best improve our machine offerings.

From our early days selling just the 3018-Pro, we've moved up to the Mandrill, the SilverBack, and now; the biggest and best we've had to offer yet - the CrossRiver!

More Power!

In the CNC world, the quest for a more powerful, rigid machine is never-ending.

With the SilverBack, we provided a 500W spindle, with the ability to install a Makita router motor for more power when running larger bits.

Customer feedback told us that there was a demand for even greater power options - so that's what we've done with the CrossRiver!

The CrossRiver CNC still ships with a 500W spindle, but now also includes additional mounting options for:

  • 65mm Router Motor (Makita)
  • 69mm Router Motor (DeWalt)
  • 80mm Spindle Motor - to accommodate up to a 2.2kW spindle (watch for new spindle options coming soon!)

More Features!

Customers also asked for more features on the machines - so we've got that covered now as well - some of the key changes:

  • Ball Screws used on all axes, instead of Lead Screws
  • Closed Loop Stepper Motors with dedicated power feeds
  • Proximity Switches instead of mechanical limit switches 
  • Enclosed Axes for dust control
  • Additional supports under the workbed
  • 24VDC Aux Power port on the controller for future accessory options
  • Dedicated laser module mount included
  • Laser cable now routed in the drag chain

More Capability!

Of course, we also had to improve the capabilities of the machine as well - offering greater speed and work clearance:

  • Max travel rate of 5000 mm/min on all axes - more than twice the SilverBack!
  • Extended Z Axis - now nearly 6 inches of travel
  • Hybrid Spoil Board - Aluminum/MDF construction with T-slots for clamping
  • Open frame design on the front/rear to allow for tiling of longer projects

Easier Assembly!

With all these changes, we've also streamlined the assembly process - you can go from opening the boxes to ready to carve in about an hour - see the assembly video for a real-time walkthrough on assembling your machine.

The YoraHome CrossRiver CNC router 6060 will help you achieve your goals faster, and get your business up and running efficiently.

Get yours ordered today!