Updates on the YoraHome/Inventables Partnership!

Jim RareyUpdated: Feb 24, 2022

Hello, YoraHome Family - 

We have some great news from our partners at Inventables regarding YoraHome integration with Easel - that will make connecting and using our machines much easier!


Easel+YoraHome Landing Page

Inventables has now implemented a new landing page on their website, featuring YoraHome machines and customer feedback. This page can be viewed here: Easel+YoraHome

But even more of an advantage comes when connecting your machine to Easel - we now have all 3 of our CNC carving machines selectable in the Machine Setup. Simply select YoraHome in the Manufacturer field, and then select which of the machines you want to add - 3018-Pro, Mandrill, or SilverBack.


Automatic Cut Settings Now Available

As an added feature, Inventables has now preloaded these machine profiles with our recommended Cut Settings, specific to each machine - no more dealing with settings that may be far too agressive for the 3018-Pro! These automatic settings are a conservative value, and may still beed adjustment for some materials, but are considered a "safe" starting point for most projects.


A huge thank you to the team at Inventables for helping us with these features - stay tuned for more improvements in the future - and as always, please send us your feedback; we want to do everything we can to help you Unleash Your Creativity!

PS: Ready to go Pro with Easel? You can buy the Easel Pro yearly subscription directly on our website for your convenience: https://yorahome.com/products/12-month-easel-pro-subscription