Introducing The New YoraHome Mandrill CNC Router 3036

Alban BredouUpdated: Feb 04, 2022

You asked for this. Now it’s here.

Since the 3018 expansion kit release, YoraHome customers have continually asked for an all-in-one 3036.

So, we did lots of research, and we asked a lot of questions to find the exact features that would best serve our entire YoraHome community. That’s how we designed and built the Mandrill.

Now, we can’t wait to introduce it. Here’s why:

It’s two times the working area of the Yora 3018. The Mandrill has an open working area of approximately 30x36cm (12x14in), making it easy to lay down pieces of material.

It's a very robust and powerful machine. It boasts a pleasant aluminum body combined with a solid aluminum bed spoilboard. The Mandrill uses a powerful and stable 300W air-cooled spindle motor with an ER11-style chuck to maximize the performance of your carving bits.

It’s packed with all the bells and whistles. Like our SilverBack, it is preassembled and comes with low noise stepper drivers, lead screws, limit switches, emergency stop button, Z-probe, drag chains, and a control box loaded with an Arduino board with GRBL firmware. We also added knobs on the Y and Z axes for easy adjustment and manipulation.

It’s available in our warehouse in Ohio, USA. Yes, the Mandrill can be shipped to US customers. For other countries, we have some units currently in transit by sea to our warehouses in Canada, UK/Europe, and Australia. We aim to sell it at the same unique price everywhere in the world. There will be no duties to pay and it will be way faster to ship it. We will open the orders for those countries within 1-2 months.

    Ready to grab our new Mandrill? Check it out now!