Why should I buy the YoraHome SilverBack CNC router 6060?

Alban BredouUpdated: Sep 17, 2022

We understand there are many CNC Router options on the market - many of which will require additional accessories for optimum performance.

This is why we have worked to make the SilverBack the best deal on the market by including items that are usually added for extra cost:

  • Heavy duty metal frame
  • Powerful lead screws for all axis - no belts that can slack or stretch
  • Included 500W spindle motor, with the option to install a Makita RT0701C motor - many other machines do not include any spindle at all!
  • Integrated spoilboard - no need to provide your board and fasten the frame to it.
  • Drag chains for cable management
  • And most important of all - a HUGE work area - the base SilverBack comes with a 60x60cm work area, while the expanded model offers a 1x1m work area - 39x39 inches!
  • Our outstanding support service - via email, telephone, video conference, and more.
All this and more is what makes the SilverBack one of the best deals on the market!