Time To Stop Smoking!

Jim RareyUpdated: Nov 11, 2023

No - We are not trying to replace your doctor's advice, but we do want your laser engraver to stop filling your room with smoke...

The 6550/6550-Pro Enclosure is Finally Here!

After multiple design ideas, a couple of different prototypes, and a whole lot of head-scratching - we are proud to now offer an enclosure that will fit your 6550 or 6550-Pro Laser Engraver!

Top Front View

Users have been asking for this for some time; and our primary goal has been to get an enclosure that not only will fit the large footprint of our machines -but also be a manageable size and weight allowing for easy setup.

That's exactly what we are now able to provide - allowing you to keep your machine in a safe spot, block errant laser light from curious bystanders, and route the smoke out of the area. 

Open View

The new Laser Enclosure is made of durable flame-resistant panels, with viewing windows on both the front and the top of the enclosure.

Setup is easy and fast - I went from opening the shipping box to a complete enclosure in place in less than 10 minutes!

The only tools needed are to install the exhaust fan - all the rest of the assembly requires no tools or special skills.

Key Features

  • Front and Top Viewing Windows
  • USB-powered Exhaust Fan (can be mounted on either side of the enclosure)
  • Flip-open lid that allows easy access to the work area
  • Cable pass-throughs in all 4 corners, so it will work no matter which way you need to route the wiring

The wait is now OVER!

Head over and Get yours pre-ordered today at a discounted price.