How To Laser Engrave Cylindrical Objects Using 4th Axis Rotary And 6550-Pro Laser Engraver

Alban BredouUpdated: Sep 18, 2022

In the following video, Shawn Nelson, a member of the YoraHome R&D team, will show you how to laser engrave cylindrical objects using YoraHome 4th Axis Rotary Module and 6550-Pro Laser Engraver.

4th Axis Rotary Module

We offer two types of 4th axis compatible with:

  1. 3018-ProMandrill 3036 CNC Router65506550-Pro: The chuck will clamp onto 2.5” thick material.
  2. SilverBack 6060 and 1x1m: The chuck will hold up to a 1.5" diameter piece of material.

Tumbler Rings

To give you more flexibility, we designed two tumbler rings based on the two most common Yeti cups outside the ability of the 4th axis jaws: one ring for the 30oz tumblers (95mm or 3 3/4") and one for the 20oz tumblers (81.5mm or 2 7/8").

The STL files for these rings are available for free download on the 4th axis product page. You can 3D print your own (for personal use). 

These fantastic rings will allow you to laser engrave multiple tumblers for yourself or clients like Shawn did, as you can see in the picture below:

It is worth mentioning that you can also carve cylindrical objects with a CNC router using our 4th axis; not just laser engraving ;)

Happy Engraving!