Mandrill Owners - Move That Clingy Controller!

Jim RareyUpdated: Nov 03, 2023

If you're one of the many happy owners of a Mandrill CNC Router, one of the things you've probably dealt with is how to keep your controller out of the way, and not get it full of wood chips...hard to do, since the harness only gives you so much slack.

SilverBack CNC owners got the ability to extend their machine harnesses a while ago, but the Mandrill owners were left wanting more...And now we're happy to offer them a similar option with the Mandrill Controller Extension Cable Set!

With your current configuration, you're stuck with a work space that looks something like this:

The down side to this is that your controller not only is susceptible to getting wood chips and sawdust in it, but you also have to have your computer fairly close by (unless, of course, you've grabbed one of our Offline Controllers with LCD have looked into that, haven't you?) - which can expose the computer to those same hazards.

With the new Mandrill Controller Extension Cable Set, you can move that controller into a whole new ZIP code!

This Extension Cable Set gives you an easy to install method of moving your controller to a cleaner, safer environment. It takes just minutes to install, and instantly gives you the length you need.

Key Features

  • 2 meter extension cable set fully wrapped in wire loom to keep everything together
  • Includes all male/female aviation-style connectors, with screw locks to keep everything firmly connected
  • Bonus! Also includes extension cables for both the Z Probe and Laser connections (don't forget to grab your PCB Z Probe as well - take full advantage of your Z-axis travel)

Initial quantities are limited, so head over and get yours now!

Important Note!

Due to manufacturer limitations, this extension set is ONLY compatible with the Mandrill units equipped with the aviation style connectors.

The first batch of Mandrills did NOT have this connector style. If your Mandrill's controller looks like the one on the picture below, we unfortunately cannot provide an extension kit at this time.