Who Is Ready To Grab The Yora 3018-Pro Dust Shoe?

Highly flexible and soft, the Yora 3018-Pro Dust Shoe is a great way to suck dust up as you mill and makes final cleanup easy.

The design fits 3018-Pro CNC routers with a 775 spindle motor.

We offer it in 3 different models: Base, Base+ and Pro+.

The Base model includes our custom-designed dust shoe with a quick access magnet mount, wide-mouth, a long super flexible brush and a brush ring.

The Base+ adds the most sought-after upgrade, a 1/2 in spacer ring for height adjustment.

And the Pro+, our complete solution, adds a nice flexible hose and adapter that fits perfectly.

We are working with US-based manufacture of brush material that offers a softer and less dense fill, specifically for our needs, which results in no loss of Z-steps during the milling process.

You can check all the details and preorder it on the following link: 


Happy carving!