The YoraHome 6550 Honeycomb Is Coming!

Alban BredouUpdated: Apr 07, 2022

Hey YoraHome Family,

The YoraHome 6550 Honeycomb Platform is finally in transit and currently on the water. We expect to receive it next month.

Strong, stable, rust-proof, and durable, it comes with:

  • 650x500x22mm Aluminum honeycomb table
  • Scales on X and Y axes to measure the size of your material
  • Four honeycomb pins to secure your material
  • One solid steel plate to protect your table from potential laser damage during engraving or cutting projects

We have a hundred units coming for this batch. But, we also have thousands of customers using the YoraHome Laser Engraving Machine 6550.

So, make sure to grab your honeycomb bed ASAP before we stock out!

Keep on cutting!