Say Hello To The ALL-NEW YoraHome 6550-Pro!

Jim RareyUpdated: Jun 07, 2022

Have you wanted to get into laser engraving, but were afraid of assembling a machine with all sorts of pieces?

Have you ever wished a laser engraving machine would just come with all the accessories you want, rather than having to order everything separately?

We have heard your requests for such a machine; and we have listened to your suggestions - and we are happy to announce the arrival of the ALL-NEW YoraHome 6550-Pro Laser Engraver!

We know that people want to have a durable, powerful, easy to use laser engraving machine - and that's why we have been working hard for months to get the best machine we can out there for our customers.

We wanted to fix as many of those concerns that we've seen over the years, and provide you with the best possible value.

All-In-One 6550-Pro Laser Engraver

Some of the key questions we've had, and wishes we've heard:

"I wish the Z Axis was included with the machine, so focusing wasn't so difficult"

The 6550-Pro has solved that issue, by including the adjustable Z-Axis from the beginning!
Adjustable Z Axis

"The wires are kind of a mess; I wish there were some sort of cable management that was easy to use"

The 6550-Pro has all the wiring routed through drag chains; no more retrofit, no more trying to get the wires inside the chain links!

Wiring pre-routed in drag chains

"How can I add air assist to my laser?" "What air pump do I need for an air assist?"

You guessed it - the 6550-Pro includes an air pump, and the air tubing is already routed through the drag chains! Air assist nozzle is already built into the laser module.

"I wish there weren't so many small parts to assemble; this thing is confusing!"

Major components are already assembled on the 6550-Pro - Stepper Motors are attached to the gantry, making assembly faster and easier.

Stepper motors on gantry

All this on a machine that no longer has acrylic structure - all metal construction for greater stability and durability.

The 6550-Pro also has safety features integrated into the design

1. Magnet-Attached Laser Shield: In addition to the laser glasses provided with the machine, there is a laser shield attached to the bottom of the laser to protect your eyes and avoid accidental beam exposure.

2. Exposure Duration Detection And Limitation: If the machine is on but the motors do not operate while the laser beam is on, the laser beam turns off immediately after 10 seconds to prevent any fire.

3. Active Position Protection: If the machine gets bumped or detects unexpected movement, the laser beam turns off immediately.

4. Emergency Stop Button: To turn off the machine immediately in case of an emergency.

5. Flame Detection With Alarm:  As soon as a flame is detected in the work area, the laser beam turns off automatically. An alarm will start ringing to alert you so that you can take appropriate actions.

The 6550-Pro comes equipped with a powerful 80W diode laser (10W optical output) - our most powerful diode yet!


Other key features of the 6550-Pro include

Dual Y-Axis Motors: For better synchronization and faster movement.

Tension-Wheel & Synchronous Belt: To eliminate movement gaps, and reduce machine vibrations so that the engraving results remain accurate even at high processing speeds. 

Homing Switches: For consistent homing position every time.

Homing Switches

Scale Rulers on 4 sides: For quick measurement and alignment.

Laser Height Gauge With Holder: To set the correct distance from the laser lens to the workpiece. Never lose it with the holder. 

Unique Rotary Switch: No more plugging and unplugging to swap between your Y-axis and Rotary. 

32-Bit Arduino board loaded with GRBL Firmware: For smooth and lightning-fast engravings. Enhanced grayscale results. Works with LaserGrbl and LightBurn. Enclosed controller box with all ports and control buttons.

Rotary Switch On Controller

The new YoraHome 6550-Pro will start shipping soon - get yours ordered today, and be one of the first to experience the great features of this all-in-one machine!