The SilverBack Is Here!

Jim RareyUpdated: Aug 16, 2021

Yes!!! The SilverBack just reached our warehouse in Ohio.

Key features on the machine:
  • Workspace area of 60x60x10 cm (24x24x4 in)
  • DM542 Micro Step Drivers - Exceptional low noise operation
  • NEMA 23 Stepper Motors (as opposed to the smaller NEMA 17 motors on our current machines)
  • Lead screws – for higher precision
  • Limit Switches – no more jamming the machine against the frame
  • Emergency Stop button – no more trying to find the stop button on your computer
  • Z-Probe for easier setup on carving projects
  • GRBL Firmware – will still work with Easel and other commonly available software packages
  • Equipped with 400w Spindle motor
  • Spindle mount (65cm diameter) compatible with other common router motors (Makita, DeWalt, etc.)
  • Laser engraving is also an available option.
  • Preassembled - Easy assembly (took me less than an hour from opening the box to ready to carve).

The orders will ship from Ohio to the USA and Canada (5-7 business days transit time). Orders to UK, Europe and Australia will ship from our warehouse partner in Hong Kong (7-10 business days transit time). 

No more talk! We anticipate selling out quickly, so don't hesitate to grab yours today!

PS: See below how massive it is compared to our cherished Yora 3018 :)