Clamping Made Easy With YoraHome Bench Vise Clamp!

Jim RareyUpdated: Aug 19, 2023

Sometimes, your material is thin or small.

You require an unobstructed surface to carve, because your design tolerances are that tight.

Also, you want to make sure it is square because perfection is crucial, and this is the last piece of that beautiful spalted beech you have been saving.

The supplied clamps with your 3018-Pro, MandrillSilverBack CNC Routers, or even those purchased elsewhere, just won’t do.

This is where the YoraHome Vise Clamp will help make your project a success. It can hold material up to 5” wide when fully opened.

It has:

  • A recessed groove 4mm deep for those ultra-thin pieces
  • Notches so you can hold square stock on a 45°
  • Etched rulers for positioning or marking (comes in handy when placing your bit)
  • Open bottom design for those really thick pieces
  • A straight-edge guide to make sure your material is perfectly square

All that, with a lead screw crank supported by two aluminum guides for fast, smooth, easy clamping.

Are you making the same items from different pieces but of the same-sized material?

This clamp will allow you to replace the material without re-zeroing your X and Y axes.

I even sometimes use this with my 6550-Pro Laser Engraver.

You can’t use this for every project, but you will want to have YoraHome Vise Clamp in your tool kit for those moments when you have no room to spare.