Look What They Just Did: Yora 40W Diode Laser!

Janice SherriffsUpdated: Jan 23, 2021

Back in October 2020, I wrote an article about cut settings for the 15W Yora Laser Module, having upgraded from the 5.5W, I was blown away by what it could do.

In this article, I introduced a methodology I used to figure out the best cutting and engraving settings for your laser module and material.

The simplest way to look at power and speed whatever power laser you’re using is as follows:

Power Setting

Higher power burns deeper, too much power = loss of detail – no effect on running time

Lower power burns shallower, too little power = loss of detail – no effect on running time

Speed Setting

Higher speed saves time – burns shallower and reduces detail

Lower speed increases time – burns deeper but too deep can reduce detail

Rule of Thumb

Double Power = Double Depth

Half Power = Half Depth

Half Speed = Double Depth

Double Speed = Half Depth

But wouldn’t you have guessed, YoraHome only went and did it again, but this time, it's 40W of oooooo-eeeeeee diode laser power!

This model (along with the new 15W), comes with fixed focus, so no fiddling around with trying to get the smallest pin-point you can. The generally recommended distance is approximately 0.8 inch - 20 mm or you can just use the small aluminium block that comes with the laser to judge the distance. Big plus for me as I was always unsure of whether I’d got it right or not.

Moving swiftly on to the important bits, this is what I found the 40W can do as far as cutting goes:

Oh my gosh or words to that effect!!!!!

This thing is a beast, more than that, it’s a monster!!!!! Just look at what it can do, here is a quick comparison to the 15W:

And for engraving, I came up with a new plan, I used a simple straight line, 2 cm long. This was really quick to use for testing. And allowed for very quick adjustments:

This was on slate. I adjusted the position by jogging the laser 10mm each time and increasing the power from 0.1 by 0.1 increments, until I found the level of burn I was happy with for each material.

For the brushed aluminium, a photo of a line didn’t look too impressive, so I did another square to show it properly:

So here are a few basic guidelines for engraving with a Yora 40W diode laser:

One of the things to remember about using a laser is that the more you run it at full power the shorter time it will last – so if you can run a laser at a lower power, it’s going to last longer.

More time with your laser, more opportunities, more fun.

YoraHome opens up a whole world of prospects with all of their machines and this new Yora 40W Laser Module is yet another star in their galaxy.

I am not often lost for words, but YoraHome just continue to amaze me with what they keep coming up with, the quality of the machines, the customer service and the back-up are beyond any expectations you could have. When you want to get into the world of CNC, go to YoraHome, you will not regret it.